Aliona Gordon 
Born and based in Belarus, Minsk, Gordon graduated from Minsk Glebov Fine Arts College in 1994 with a major in painting. She is a member of the International Artists Union, Master-Mirotvorec.
The unique technology is recognized.
The artistic “know-how” develops Byzantine and ancient Russian traditions. One sees a classic painting immediately. This is the first impression. However, it is made with natural gems and semiprecious stones. The artist uses natural gemstones creating the colours. Lapis lazuli, malachite, carnelian, jasper and others attract by their outstanding properties and ability to concentrate power and generate an atmosphere of majestic infinity.
The life cycle of crystals is comparable to the age of planets and galaxies. Stones fade seldom. They like bright sun that infuses them.  They remain endlessly long exactly as Nature created them. Any stone compared to a regular paint is a more versatile artistic instrument.
 All colours are hand-made. The image is integrated due to the scrupulous fixing of flattened and screened gems on a thin plate of white marble. Every element, line or detail is filled separately. Tiny particles of stones become “paint strokes”. The application of stones of various sizes creates dimension and depth of the picture. Blink chrysolite, shine astrofilita, or deep velvety jade fill images with vitality and power.
 The art of icon deals with the transition of a visible world to an invisible one. It is its final aim based on a very subtle structure. Being an object of the material world any icon reveals the spiritual not the physical, because every icon is a window into Eternity.
Semi-precious stones and minerals:
Diamond, amethist, peridot, garnet, chalcedony, opal, malachite, amber, jasper, calcite, lapis lazuli, fluorite, carnelian, charoite, orpiment, astrofillit, volkonskoite, jet, cinnabar, ochre, realgare, rhodusite, tuff, anthracite, micа, galena, aegirine, rhodonite.
One can find her creations in private collections in the clergy and laity of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, America, Germany, Sweden, UK as well as in the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity (Antarctica, the Island of Waterloo, the Belinzgauzen polar base), the Sanctuary of St. Vladimir in Kaliningrad (Russian Federation), in the Chapel of Okovetskaya Mother of God (Russian Federation), and in the Sanctuary of St. Andrew in Minsk (Belarus), the collection of the Museum of History of Minsk (Belarus).
Each icon is consecrated.
Personal exhibitions:
  • 2018: Personal exhibition “The Soul of the Stone” (Pushkin Museum, Vilnius),
  • 2018: Personal exhibition “The Soul of the Stone”(Plunge Cultural Center, Lithuania),
  • 2014: Personal exhibition “Transfiguration” (Mikhail Savitsky Gallery, Minsk),
  • 2013: Personal exhibition “Image of Eternity” (Russian Cultural Center, Vilnius),
  • 2012: Personal exhibition “Divine Images” (Museum of the History of Minsk),
  • 2011: Personal exhibition «Gemston painting» (Russian Cultural Center, Vilnius),
Group exhibitions:
  • 2020: Group exhibition “Dreams of France” (Mikhail Savitsky Gallery, Minsk),
  • 2018: Group exhibition “Day Eight” (gallery “Labyrinth”, Minsk)
  • 2017: Group exhibition «Festive round dance»  «Horovod» !!!(gallery «Bukvitca», (Minsk)
  • 2016: Group exhibition Yo the day of the peacekeeping women, gallery Mikhail Savitsky, Minsk)
  • 2014: Group exhibition «The Holy Trinity» (gallery «Bukvitca», (Minsk)
  • 2014:  Group exhibition with the Diocese Ortodox of Gomel “The Resurrection of Jesus» (Museum “Rumyantsev – Paskevich”, Gomel, Belarus.)
  • 2013: Group exhibition «Sunday» gallery Mikhail Savitsky, Minsk)
  • 2012: X International Exhibition «Easter Joy» (gallery “Bereginya”, Minsk)
  • 2012: Group exhibition «Two Rivers» (draft Union Masters – Peacekeeper “Light”. Minsk)
  • 2011: IX International Exhibition of  «The Joy of Easter» (gallery “Bereginya”, Minsk)
  • 2010: International exhibition of Easter «Easter Joy» (gallery «Bereginya» Minsk).